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University of Suffolk, 2016 - 2019
BSc (Hons) Computer Games Programming

Final-year grade:
Anticipated first-class

Second-year grades:
Managing Games Production, 1st
Emerging Technologies, 1st
Programming for Graphics, 1st
Artificial Intelligence for Games, 1st
Networking, 2.1

Industry Skills
My portfolio showcases a range of applications and game projects, written in C#, all of which focus on responses to user input. Through work on both academic and personal projects I have been able to develop my ability to self-analyse and debug my code solutions.

Negotiated a project brief with Diss Museum and produced an educational augmented reality application as part of a small development team. Creating responsive, intuitive and accurate augmented reality behaviours was of paramount importance to the client. I was involved in the design and implementation of every element of the application, including UI, 3D model production, animation and code functionality. The application will be released to the public via the Museum in July of 2019.

Creating my own inverse kinematics algorithm as part of my degree final project demonstrates my documented research into, and practical application of, mathematical formulae to achieve realistic procedural animations, in real time.

Project managed a major game project using agile development methods, making use of JIRA and Git version control. Collaboratively worked alongside other programmers, designers, artists and modellers over the course of an academic year to tailor a product to an agreed specification, pitching progress to a panel of mock investors at project milestones. This afforded me a greater understanding of other discipline’s workflows and the most appropriate methods of communicating concepts and negotiating asset creation.

    Underwriter, Beazley Group, 2014 - 2016
    The position required independent management of a portfolio of UK and European clients. Prompt proactive action and effective prioritisation of workload was key to maintaining service levels. The importance of liaising effectively with all parties involved (both internal and external) was key to the success of any objective. Created and led a new team initiative to identify and convert new business opportunities in Scotland and the north of England. Preparation and presentation of statistics to senior management and colleagues was also carried out on a routine basis. Having daily reviews was essential to enable myself and colleagues to organise as a team, negotiate targets, plans and work specifics in order to share workload effectively to win as much business as possible.

    Broker, Willis Plc, 2013 - 2014
    I was responsible for a book of UK clients and prospects with accountability for the retention of clients and converting new business enquiries.
    Client presentations and negotiations were commonplace, both in-person and via telephone. Interaction and collaboration between various colleagues of different departments was key to delivering accurate and optimal solutions. Management of individual workloads between all team members was necessary to achieve objectives within set deadlines.
    Significant forward planning both independently and as part of a team needed to be considered before
    undertaking any action plan.

    Claims Assessor, CAA Ltd, 2012 - 2013
    Responsible for proactive management of fleet vehicle’s recovery, repair, replacement and any associated liability, up to GBP10,000,000.
    The ability to communicate instructions and explanations clearly in a high-pressure environment was essential. Prioritisation of team tasks and efficient coordination of my team to meet service deadlines required constant management and assessment throughout the working day.