Friday 27 July 2018

Hover Car: Stability

Continuing work on my Hover Car project. Next goal: smooth car movement when passing over objects.

Unity3D, C#, Blender.

- more dynamic feeling camera
- less rigid detection when above objects, smoothed  and reduced 'spinning top' feeling
- particle effects for improved feel
- making car bank when turning

many many approaches

using normals
average height
how much bobbing behaviour
simular centrifugal force, want to be pulled towards the plane 'below' the car - want to have a hover car, that can overcome gravity
how much drag
whether real 'physics forces' vs PID PID = Proportional Response / Integral Response / Derivative Response
diffferentgame object for physics, make the car model a child of this to allow for banking without interfering with hover behaviour (changing angle of raycast)
applying bank angle while keep z.axis alligned to track
physics material
set centre of mass down
different value of gravity to smooth interactions
partcile effect
handling -  detect if heigher than limit, reduce turn values.